Qigong and Health

One of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves is to take charge of our own health. We believe that acknowledging the innate wellness of our bodies as well as strengthening our bodies is the main ingredient of health. Qigong (Chi Gong, Chi Kung, body-qi-mind integration) have been practiced in China for thousands of years and have proven to be effective for enhancing health, attaining longevity, as well as treating disease. We want to share with you some of the wisdom passed on to us by our ancestors in the forms of Medical Qigong and Taiji. We are sure that they will become valuable tools in your journey to health and wellness.

Medicine and Healing

Webster’s II New Riverside University Dictionary defines Medicine as: “the science of diagnosing, treating, or preventing disease or damage to the body or mind”. As the science advances, the conventional medicine evolves to the point that it is no longer fit that definition. With the health care policies and inactive life style, today’s medicine mainly focuses on diagnosing or treating disease; the preventing part is largely being ignored. When a robot does the diagnoses, the “mind” part is forever lost.


By Webster’s definition, Healing is to restore to health or soundness. It is a natural occurrence in all-living things. A medical professional can prescribe some medications or do a procedure to treat the body, but it is the healing within that makes the body healthy. In the days before modern pharmaceuticals, our ancestors learnt to work with their own body to maintain health. They knew medicine begins with “me”. These knowledge and wisdom were passed on from generations to generations in all cultures.

Unfortunate, majority of these treasures are discarded or ignored because they are “unscientific” or “unproven” by today’s standards and/or abilities. It took the discovery of DNA and cloning of the sheep “Dolly” to prove the 600 BC Chinese Qigong theory “every part of the body contains all the information of the whole body” is correct. It is a two thousand plus years long journey! Most healing traditions are older than science. it will take some time for science to catch up!

Medicine Begins With Me Program Description

Medicine Begins With Me is both a continuing education program for health care providers and a self-healing program for individual who is interested in self-cultivation. The program incorporates Qigong, Taiji, and variety of energy-based modalities that are sequenced in one-day, two-day and six-day workshops. It is suitable for anyone who wants to broaden his understanding of non-Western approach to health, and disease. It is complementary to health care.


Two-Day Workshop


The participant will be able to:

Describe ways to blend Western Medicine with Traditional Chinese medical techniques to optimize care for the individual.

  1. Describe the concept of Qi and its relationship with health.
  2. Describe the Qigong theory of illness.
  3. Demonstrate 6 Medical Qigong techniques that target healing in key body regions including neck, lower back, pancreas, chest, colon, kidneys and reproductive organs.
  4. Describe and demonstrate ways of assisting others to heal without depleting own Qi.

6-Day Retreat


2-day workshop objectives plus:

  1. Describe the definition of health and disease; healthcare system and health; roles of the individual and healthcare provider.
  2. Describe the elements of healing.
  3. Describe the Dantien, Qi and Meridian theories.
  4. Describe the therapeutic effects, physical, visual and sound sensation of “Energy Medicine”.
  5. Describe the concept of external qi and the techniques to collect and apply it for healing others.
  6. Demonstrate 12 Medical Qigong techniques that can be used with clients to enhance their healing.


Two- Day Workshop Curriculum

  1. Western vs non-Western approach to health, and disease.
  2. Difference between healing and curing.
  3. Qi concept and its relationship with health.
  4. Qigong and exercise.
  5. Qigong Healing techniques.
    • La Chi and 6-Directions La Chi to replenish Qi.
    • Crane’s Neck for upper body.
    • Turn Waist for middle body.
    • Bending for spine.
    • Qi Massage for inner organs.
    • Taiji Walk for balance.
    • Fa Qi to work on others.

Six- Day Retreat Curriculum


In-depth study of the techniques from 2-day workshop plus:

  • Qi and Meridian theories.
  • New perspective on disease and healing
  • Therapeutic effects of Energy Medicine.
  • Prevention and treatment of “New Age Symptoms”
  • Factors in Healing
  • Epigenetic and Emotions
  • Healing techniques for
    • Joints, vertebrae and extremities
    • Balance, hypotension and hypertension
  • Study Chilel Qigong
    • Selected Level 2: Exercises to open Meridians and strengthen internal qi
    • Level 1: Exercises to collect and apply external Qi for healing