Fun Tulip fact

Did you know that unlike other cut flowers, the stem of a tulip continues to grow AFTER the flower is cut?

I didn’t…until I went to Holland.

During one of the workshops that we presented in Holland, there were two beautiful 3 foot high clear glasses bamboo shaped vases with tulips near the electrical outlets where I was plugging in our electrical equipment for the class for 4 days. I noticed that every day, the tulip stem seem to be growing longer… not just bloom like regular cut flowers. I asked one of our organizers (who is also a florist) within earshot of several ladies who were attending the workshop, if the tulip stem was growing or was I imagining it. All of them gave me a funny look. They were probably wondering why a woman in her 40s, a college and medical school graduate would ask such a bizarre question. Finally, the florist said yes, the stems of tulips continue to grow AFTER you cut them. That’s why if tulips are part of a bouquet, they tend to lean out of the arrangement by the time they bloom! I can’t say I ever really thought about tulips much before I went to Holland since tulips in the US are rather boring flowers.

Then, we went to the Keukenhof! This is an annual showcase for tulips (and other flowers) in Holland that runs approximately April-May and attracts visitors from all over Europe (and the world). Let’s just say I finally realized that I knew NOTHING about tulips. There were tulips in that show that did not resemble any tulips that I had seen. If you want to see the famous black tulip, go later in the month since they tend to bloom later than other tulips.

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